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Feb 7, 2013 7:00pm EST
increase because the technology improved in a product, they don't incorporate health care in the cpi. >> i'm looking under the drawer, i'm looking under the waste paper basket, i hear about this inflation. the price of goal has fallen $350. abigail doolittle, fair and balanced, since the election basically the broad index has gone up 11%. is it the obama rally? >> i do not think it's the obama rally. i think it's the extension of the federally. we've had the federal reserve continue to support the risk assets and kmocommodities. it reflects the decision to replace operation twist -- >> you want to give him any credit at all? >> earlier this week i spoke to the ceo of the dow company and ce disney. disney has a pretty good sense of what's going on wts consumer, the sense of consumer confidence and in terms of advertising. he said that the last quarter they had to deal with the fiscal cliff, there was concern and uncertainty about the fiscal cliff, there was the hurricane and the uncertainty around the election. he feels now that we have all these things behind ushs t, the consumers are feel
Feb 5, 2013 7:00pm EST
of that wealth is created by companies that came public, a lot of them technology driven. the amazing thing is even when you look at that group, the way they're investing now is completely different than the way they were investing in 2007. so $2 trillion that went into bond funds and $800 million that came out of equity funds on an annual basis. just starting to see that rotation. but it's showing up in things like real estate which is great, all the toe sales which is great. luxury goods. but the transition from some of the folks that want to get a return of their money versus on their money hasn't 4happened ye. >> it means you to have a dynamic economy. overseas you see crony capitalism. it's a really important factor about. >> this is what distinguishes american style capitalism from other countries both in asia and if europe. and we don't ever want to lose that. i don't want to tie them down. i don't want to overregulate them and i don't want to overtax them. >> i know they talk about new millionaire, but i'll be unpopular at the table p about i still think there's a ton of average ame
Feb 8, 2013 7:00pm EST
for the country to have a company like apple that's supposed to make innovative technology products getting into the financial business. >> david, you've got $137 billion of cash, for heaven's sake. you got to come up with -- you got more money there, you can innovate, you can entrepreneur, you can have more iphones. you can have more ipads. you can create stuff that even i know how to use. but $137 billion of cash for heaven's sakes. i think mr. david einhorn has the story right. i think they're going to settle it with a dividend-paying preferred share. that's coming. >> i think they'll settle it by buying bam more shares and by issuing a bigger dividend. that would be the right way. and that clears the path for apple competitives to focus on innovating. >> all right. well, i hope they do. let me go back to zach. i want to get into this currencies war business. i don't get this currency war. i happen to think japan did the exact right thing, depreciating the end, probably going from 70, 97 something now, going to 100. it may some people say go to 120. they were suffering from severe deflat
Jan 31, 2013 7:00pm EST
, they pirate our intellectual property, they steal stuff, they love to take our technology. why should this be any different? they're kind of rogues out there. they're rogues, at least in leadership, the upper echelons of the party. they're a bunch of rogues. >> well, i could think of many other examples of rogues around the world that are much more serious in terms of various threats to the u.s., but in terms of, you know, where we should see this threat, i would say that in the whole scheme of things -- because hacking can be categorized in three major areas. you have the ones where they're stealing information like in this case. and mostly the chinese are engaging in this kind of hacking. then you also have the hacking that is very much terrorist oriented and you have very isolated instances of people trying to do this to prove themselves to, try to get into like a gang and this way they can get hired to do more serious things. but this is not necessarily sponsored. >> like a russian mafioso. >> it could be. and the final groups would be the ones trying to attack our infrastructure.
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4